Don’t You Want Me, Baby?

Dear Suri, I like this girl, and I’m pretty sure she likes me. We’ve been out a bunch of times and really had fun together. Lately, though, she seems like she’s trying to ignore me. It seems like this started after I told her I like her.

I have no idea what I did wrong, and I would fix it if I knew. And I didn’t just say that to sleep with her like my friends think. I really do care about her.

The problem, though, is that it’s like the interaction just completely stopped! I mean, friends communicate. They tell each other what’s happening in each others’ lives, share in the good times, and offer/accept support during times of stress or sadness.

In our case, though, we haven’t spoken for weeks now, she doesn’t respond to my messages, and when I call, she seems annoyed.

So, I’ve been leaving her alone. But I hope I won’t have to do that forever. — Alton L.


Dear Alton, Kudos to you for expressing your feelings! You must feel like a weight has been removed from your shoulders.

In many cases, however, doing so also forces others to assess their own sentiments. This process is unique to each of us, and the time it takes to realize a decision varies greatly. In some cases, a decision is never reached.

From what you have described, however, it appears the ‘hard part’ is over with. It may be wise, then, to remain patient for now, and allow your friend to evaluate her own emotions on the subject.

In the meantime, take care not be become discouraged and, instead, carry on with your current approach. I believe a resolution to the matter is closer than you think. ~ Suri

Suri Says™
by Suri Syrtauwnya
Advice Editor
Residential Life Magazine

Top Vacation Rental Spots in Florida

As summer dwindles down, many people are turning their thoughts toward areas where they can spend a fun and affordable family vacation before back-to-school and Fall season is here.

Florida is home to many popular destinations, and has vacation options for nearly every budget and interest.

Daytona Beach/New Smyrna Beach

“The World’s Most Famous Beach” is roughly 50 miles northeast of Orlando, in the area of Florida affectionately dubbed the “Fun Coast.” Here is where you can park on the beach and take in a picnic, a snooze, or just enjoy the sand and surf right next to your vehicle. Popular attractions in the area include the Daytona International Speedway, Museum of Arts & Sciences and other sights to see.

In recent years, lawmakers have tried to change the city’s image from the once infamous and bawdy parties of Spring Break, to a more family-friendly atmosphere. For those seeking a slower-paced beach vacation, nearby New Smyrna Beach boasts boardwalk boutiques and specialty shops.

Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg/Bradenton

The West Coast of Florida boasts many popular attractions and day trips, including:

  • Busch Gardens (Tampa)
  • Lowry Park Zoo (Tampa)
  • Florida Aquarium
  • Ybor City
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Ted Williams Museum of Hitters Hall of Fame
  • and more

South Florida: West Palm Beach/Boca Raton/Fort Lauderdale/Miami

Since the 1950s, South Florida has been the go-to destination for everyone from Hollywood actors to day-trippers from Orlando and other “points north.” Boasting miles of pristine beaches, plenty of shopping opportunities and a stellar night life, the area can also be a family-friendly hideaway, with an attraction to pique nearly every interest, including:

  • Metrozoo (Miami)
  • Historical Museum of South Florida
  • Coral Castle
  • Everglades National Park
  • William T. Kirby Nature Center
  • Lion Country Safari
  • Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
  • International Museum of Cartoon Art
  • and more

Jacksonville/St. Augustine

For many, Northeast Florida is “where history meets the future.” This is where you’ll encounter such attractions as:

  • The Fountain of Youth
  • The Lightner Museum
  • Museum of Weapons & Early American History
  • Marineland
  • Jacksonville Zoo
  • and more
  • Key West

Just 90 miles to Cuba, Key West is the southernmost point in the United States. A place where the likes of Ernest Hemmingway and President Harry S. Truman once called home, the city has been described by some as a different world.


Nestled in the southwest corner of the state, this area offers some of Florida’s most picturesque scenes. From pristine, white sandy beaches to upscale dining and shops, this area offers an elegant and sophisticated experience of the Sunshine State.

Orlando/Kissimmee/Disney World

Perhaps one of the most popular destinations in the world, the Orlando/Kissimmee area in Central Florida (which includes Disney World, the sprawling city-in-itself) boasts several family-friendly attractions, including:

  • Walt Disney World
  • SeaWorld
  • Universal Studios
  • Harry P. Leu Gardens
  • Gatorland
  • John F. Kennedy Space Center
  • Orlando Science Center
  • International Drive (I-Drive)
  • Old Town
  • and more

Panama City Beach/Pensacola

Locals describe this area as “the real Florida.” Offering a down-home, Southern-hospitality experience, Florida’s Panhandle is a 200-mile-long stretch of land situated between Alabama, Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico. Known as the “Emerald Coast,” this area is revered for its beaches and down-home feel.

Tough Luck

Today’s so-called “gangsters” are a joke. They say they’re not afraid of anything, but in reality they’re a bunch of pussies who’ll back down in two seconds flat.

They like to flaunt their guns and money, but they always show up on screen with masked voices and bandanas covering their faces. Scaredy cats.

The same goes for ISIS — those little ass clowns. They really like to harass and murder innocent people, yet they always show up with covered faces. Show yourselves, you cowards!

And then there’s the KKK, and the list goes on. Little boys playing house, the lot of them. These “gangsters” are nothing more than lost little kids. Misfits. Deadbeats. Morons of the highest order. They should all be in prison.

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Residential Life Magazine 

Feedback Friday

Nasty Lunch

This is an office. It’s not a restaurant, not your house, not some picnic by the lake. Stop microwaving fish and eggs and acting like it’s not a big deal. It stinks up the whole building. That’s why there’s a sign that says “Be respectful of others.” Didn’t your parents teach you manners?!


Advice for a Germophobe

Maybe the reason you get sick all the time is because you don’t give your body a chance to fight germs. Maybe you shouldn’t constantly be using Purell and never going outside of your office unless you absolutely have to, then beetling right back.

Parents who let babies crawl around on the floor get sick, sure, but that’s how they build up their immune systems. You’re gonna keep getting sick and have to take weeks off work. It’s not about being “clean,” it’s about being realistic.


Road Rager

To the lady who cut me off today, then gave me the finger, even though I was going five miles an hour OVER the speed limit: I hope you get into a single-car crash. I hope you break your arm. I don’t want you to die, but I want it to be bad enough to shake you up and learn a lesson.


Un-Friendly Skies

Smaller airline seats are here. Deal with it. Just like any other business, airlines have to think about their bottom lines. The hand wipes I like also got smaller, so now I buy different hand wipes. If smaller seats are such a big deal to you, there’s a few options: lose some weight, or maybe try taking two weeks to drive someplace and see how you like it.


Unhappy Customer

This blog is a such a rag. Lick my ass, you fug’n losers.

Charley Horse Cause, Treatment, and Prevention

It happens in an instant, on the sports field or even in your own bed: a Charley horse. This painful spasm can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes (in some cases even days!), and usually incapacitates its victim. Knowing the causes of the affliction, however, could help prevent future outbreaks.


What is a Charley Horse?

The term Charley horse — also known as jolly horse, dead leg, nocturnal leg cramp, and corky in some parts of the world — refers to sudden and painful cramps and/or spasms, typically felt in the lower leg muscles (especially the calf).

What Causes a Charley Horse?

While the medical community has yet to agree on an exact cause of the Charley horse, doctors believe it can be brought on based on several factors, including:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • calcium/potassium deficiency
  • dehydration
  • medication side effects
  • pregnancy
  • and more

Charley horse is also attributed to more serious afflictions, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and neuropathy.


Charley Horse Cures

There is currently no “cure” for Charley horse. Instead, medical professionals have several recommendations on how victims of this affliction can seek relief. These include:

  • massaging or stretching the affected area in the opposite direction of the spasm
  • applying ice to the affected area
  • applying heat to the affected area

Charley Horse Prevention

Doctors have determined several factors that may ease and/or prevent future attacks, including:

  • increased potassium/calcium intake (as found in bananas and dairy products)
  • increased hydration
  • slower movements (no rapid twists and turns)
  • stretching muscles before and after exercise
  • vitamin supplements (B-12, magnesium, vitamin E)
  • wearing comfortable, supportive footwear
  • loosening bed clothing and/or bed sheets

However, because there is no “cure” for Charley horse, it is possible that some people will continue to be plagued by the painful spasms, regardless of the prevention steps they may take. ■

What methods do you use to prevent or ease the pain of Charley horse? Let us know in the comments! 

by Raul Lisneski
Health & Wellness Editor
Residential Life Magazine 


Clean Computer

Whenever my computer starts running slow, I shut it down and vacuum out the fan area. Those air dusters are only partly effective. It’s like sweeping a rug. You’ll get some of the dirt out, but there will still be a lot underneath.

Plus, a complete shutdown and restart every now and then is actually good for the machine. It’s sort of like a vacation for people. If you work every day of the week with minimal breaks, you’re going to burn out fast.

by Enid Ahylhienatta
Technology Consulant
Residential Life Magazine

Most Wonderful Time…

Dear Suri, To give employees time to celebrate the holidays with their families, and because there’s never really anything going at that time anyway, my employer gives everyone the last week of the year off (with pay!). It’s a huge bonus, and we all feel very lucky to work here.

One of the most fun things to do is to catch up with everyone when they get back: what people did on vacation, where they went, what gifts they got and gave… all that stuff.

Well, this one guy seems to be different after break. He used to be all jovial: cracking jokes, scheduling group lunches, and just being an all-around cool guy. I never saw him without a smile last year.

So far this year, though, he keeps his head down, doesn’t talk to anyone, and has started to mumble stuff under his breath. I don’t know yet if it’s about any of us, but I hear him swear a lot and say things like “This is so ridiculous!” and “I’m tired of this bullshit.” Someone said they saw him in the break room the other day drawing pictures of guns and bombs and stuff. As far as I know, he’s not an artist.

It might be all in my head. In fact, the more I think about it, this guy is probably no different than he was before, and I’m being silly even trying to make an issue out of it. Maybe I should just let it go? I mean, everybody has bad days (and sometimes weeks), right? — Back n’ Forth in Bogard, MO


Dear Back n’ Forth, Please report this to your company’s human resources department immediately. What you have described is no laughing matter; it is a serious situation. Qualified professionals in your office can assist your co-worker in getting the help he needs, while avoiding a potential case of workplace violence. ~Suri