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Traffic Tantrum

You better believe I was glad to get out of work at a reasonable time (for once!). Getting home while it was still light out, I was ready to enjoy the day, maybe even go for a walk. Then some jackass decided to get himself into an accident, and I had to spend the next two hours in a traffic jam.

I don’t get these dicks. They speed past you, switch lanes without regard to other drivers, and then they have the gall to get into a crash that holds the rest of us up even more! Total waste of my time. I’m tired of this horseshit!

When I finally got near the wreck, I stuck my hand right out the window and flipped off those asswipes so hard! I don’t even know if they were still there. If the cops weren’t around, I’d have gotten out of my car, grabbed whoever caused the accident, and pushed his face into the pavement. I’d teach him a lesson he’d never forget. No one does that to me. No one. I won’t be disrespected. Not today, not any day.

I should drive to the hospital, ask if they were some crash victims just admitted, then find their room and just go off. I mean really lose it. I’d throw ‘em out the fourth floor window. This is bullshit. I’m not gonna take it anymore.

If you get into an accident that holds up traffic, you better hope I’m not around. I will beat your ass raw. You’re not going to waste my time. Not tonight. I’ll crack your head open on the goddam pavement! I’m not screwing around with you people anymore! I’m ready to explode here!

by Abraham “Able Abe” Aenstograafik | Residential Life Magazine 


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