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Suri Says: Asthma

Dear Suri: I have a friend who claims to be an asthmatic, but I think she might be stretching the truth. Let me explain:

A whole group of us took a road trip across country, and to save money we ended up staying in some pretty cheap motels. Everything was fine, except the rooms often smelled musty.

So, I bought an aerosol air freshener and sprayed the room. Well, it turns out this freshener was the ‘long-lasting’ kind, because it still smelled pretty strong, even after everyone came back from whatever they were doing in the day!

My friend got all pissy, saying she has severe asthma, and that the sprays make her sick, and might even cause her to die. It was soasthma
melodramatic! She never even mentioned this before, and we have been friends for a long time. It’s not like you can just get asthma overnight. I think she was just trying to cause a scene.

Even so, I opened up a window, but she still kept right on complaining! She said that she has to sleep there, and that what if she has an attack overnight, and then goes on to say how I was being insensitive! It was total BS! It’s not like I sprayed the room to get back at her or something. It was musty! That’s what normal people do when a room is musty! I was so done with her at that point.

Anyway, now she has threatened to go home early, and has even said that we might not be able to be friends anymore, “if you can’t respect my wishes.” I am so tired of her issues, and her drama queen attitude!! Over it in El Segundo


Dear Over it, Asthma is a serious health condition. While most people first show symptoms around age six, it is not impossible for someone to develop severe allergies and asthma well into their teen or even adult years.

Your case, however, seems to be less about asthma, and more about an unresolved matter. Rather than create confrontation, I would advise you to find a moment where the two of you can be alone, and really discuss what’s led your friendship to this point, as well as methods by which you can reach a resolution — not just through your road trip, but for the long term.

Our emotions often lead us to do and say things we will regret, and the pain of regret can last a lifetime. ~ Suri


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