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Breaking the Cycle of Child Pornography

Regardless of where you live, there has likely been a ‘sting’ near you aimed at catching suspected child predators. Law enforcement agencies across the country love to set up these operations, where a pervert is baited to contact — and sometimes try to visit — who they think is a young child. The stings have even prompted TV shows, where camera crews capture your neighbors — doctors, lawyers, construction workers and “all-around nice folks” — at their most shameful moments.

While the intent behind these operations is commendable, they almost always fall short of even attempting to solve the real problem at hand. Just as it’s pointless to arrest a drug user unless you can also arrest his drug dealer, stings like this rarely do much to curb the onslaught of child porn and child predators. Remove one pervert from the streets and four more are there to take his place.

stop child pornAs police wrap up one operation and move onto the next, they are missing an opportunity to track — and ultimately arrest — the heinous individuals responsible for supplying sexualized images and videos of young children. Valuable information is right in front of officers’ faces; even mild interrogation of arrested suspects could lead to the demons that provide such shocking material. Instead, law enforcement agencies choose to take the easy route, and stage a new ‘sting’ that will lead to press coverage and accolades for the department.

Any action aimed at keeping kids safe from sexual assault (or worse) is a step in the right direction, but for the abuse cycle to finally close, law enforcement must take a more active approach in tracking down, arresting and bringing to justice those that create and supply child porn in the first place!

by Peter Gaseoustania | Publisher | Residential Life Magazine 


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