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Bringing Dandy Back

A male co-worker wore a sweater vest and tie to work today, solely because he “felt like it.” Later, I overheard two female co-workers discussing how the fellow “must be gay,” since “guys don’t just dress up like that for no reason.” As a guy who frequently ‘dresses up for no reason,’ I beg to differ.

Vincent Price
Sharp-dressed men STILL rock!

Years ago, nearly everyone was well-dressed for almost any occasion. Granted, this was due partly to the fact that there were not as many clothing options back then. Sweatpants, for instance, had not yet been invented, and t-shirts were reserved as the attire of a renegade teen, or for household cleaning and yard work.

While I certainly appreciate the wealth of wardrobe opportunities available today, I find it odd that, for many, the only time one is ‘allowed to dress up’ is for special functions: weddings, funerals, class reunions, etc.

It also appears — at least in the view of these ladies  — that only females are allowed to look sharp on ‘non-occasion’ days, and if a man dares to have his belt match his shoes, or (gasp!) actually comb his hair in the morning, well, he must certainly be a homosexual. I personally know some very well-groomed ‘straight’ men, and also some very unkempt gay men. So this theory is hogwash!

The sooner we can all get over why someone is dressed up (or dressed down), the better. In my opinion, it’s time to let personal preference be just that: personal. Let’s cease this rude and infantile ‘guesswork’ immediately!

by Yör Valinda | Fashion & Style Editor | Residential Life Magazine


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