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Downsize This!

I just read an article that said people who are laid-off at one time in their lives are more likely to lose another job, compared to those who never got fired. That is pure horseshit. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

pink slipI wasn’t happy to be laid off (who is?!) but I have made damn sure it won’t happen again. I do more than required at work, keep my network of contacts up to date, and always have my “ears and eyes open,” in case something happens.

Look, I get that depression and emotion are a factor in any job loss, but you gotta get over it. If you’re moping around a new job, bellyaching about how things “used to be,” of course employers are going to boot you out. No one wants a negative person around, driving down morale. They’ll get rid of you faster than you can say “boo.”

The point is, just ‘cause you got fired, or laid-off, or downsized, or whatever it is the tree-hugging, touchy-feely dumb-asses are calling it these days, doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose another job, or that you’re somehow more susceptible to getting fired than any of your lazy, good-for-nothing co-workers.

Everyone has the same chance to work hard, make themselves indispensable, and get ahead at work. So, the person who wrote that article is about to get the ass-beating of their lives. No one makes generalizations like that on my watch. No one!

by Jon Novin | Residential Life Magazine


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