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Stuck in the Moment

Today I overheard someone saying that “once you get out of high school, the stupid things you care about now no longer matter.” I know what he was trying to say, but I have a different idea. I guess I should explain myself here! lol 😉

I think that maybe some of the stuff that is so important now — like sports and petty fights and whatever — that stuff might not matter, but it doesn’t mean you can just go around doing whatever you want and assume that it’s not going to make a difference in your “real life,” or adulthood, or whatever you want to call it.

What happens here matters.
What happens here matters.

It’s like, if you’re some druggie now, or you make a really bad reputation for yourself, you don’t think that’s going to come back later on?! I mean, if I get all up in everyone’s faces and really make people hate me, who’s to say that one of those people might not be, like, a potential boss someday, you know?

I don’t mean that you should be nice to people expecting that you might get something back in return later on. You should be nice no matter what. But I mean, to think that nothing you do now is going to affect your future is just lame.

If that was the case, what’s the point of doing anything, you know? I’m not trying to be all gothy and dark here, but you know what I’m saying? Anyone could say that at any time in their life! Sometimes you have to think things through, and see the “big picture,” like all the teachers here say.

It means you have to live in the moment, or whatever, and just do the best you can do right now, and make the best decisions you can, based on what you know now, and what you’ve learned up to this point, you know? And so later on, I think all that stuff will matter.

I mean, maybe not all of it, but it’s like a framework. If you were, say, building a building or something and you decide that it doesn’t matter what you put on the bottom, the whole top is going to fall over some day! I don’t build any buildings (hee, hee, of course I don’t!), but you know what I mean. You can’t just say “screw this” and just do what you want.

And if you start to think that way, you’re kind of discounting what is being done right now. It’s like you’re kind of turning your back on your current life. And that’s just dumb. You should live right now and enjoy things, ‘cause they don’t last for very long, you know!

So I think I get part of what he was saying, and I do think that some of the stupid stuff right now probably won’t matter one bit even in a few years, but I’m not gonna forget stuff and just act like it doesn’t matter, ‘cause it does. Right now is all we’ve got. I don’t know who said that. Maybe I just did. 🙂


by Chelsea Abrahams | Residential Life Magazine 


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