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Baby Blitz

Dear Suri, A friend is having (another!) baby, and all of us in the “mommy club” are expected to contribute to a gift card from a local clothing store. The minimum ‘buy-in’ is $20, which I think is a bit high. Though an e-mail sent to everyone said contributing was “optional,” I have noticed that one woman has been keeping a list, and approaching everyone who hasn’t yet paid.

Buy your own damn clothes!
Buy your own damn clothes!

It’s not that I don’t want her baby to look great, Suri, it’s just that I am getting a tired of this seemingly constant call for contributions. If it’s not clothes for someone’s baby, it’s chocolate so kids can go on a school trip, or coupon books so they can get new sports uniforms. It never ends!

I’ve a mind not to contribute this time. It just seems a bit excessive. This will be the third time we’ve been expected to dress one of her babies. She certainly has enough money to buy the clothes herself! Honestly, I’d rather give the cash to a local charity, or someone who actually needs it. — Rachael L. | San Marcos, CA

Dear Rachael, A joyous occasion should never bring with it feelings of duty, frustration or contempt. If you’d rather not contribute, the best policy is still honesty. Your alternative of a charitable donation may also catch on. Good luck to you. ~ Suri

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by Suri Syrtauwnya | Advice | Residential Life Magazine


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