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Tofu Tyranny

I get so pissed whenever I see some vegetarian or vegan eating a ‘veggie burger’ or ‘tofu pup,’ or whatever the hell they’ve come up with to make a mockery out of meat eaters everywhere. If they hate meat so much, why are they constantly fashioning fake food and molding it to look like meat products?! I swear, if I see one more ‘veggie nugget’ trying to be passed off as a chicken nugget I’m gonna crap my pants.

tofu and soy

Veg-heads will tell you they have fake meat products because it is the easiest way to “transition” to vegetarianism (for the nubes) and because sometimes it is easier or more enjoyable to eat things in sandwich form (like a burger) or to be able to have something you can throw on the grill at an office picnic or what have you. I say you are all a bunch of got-dang hypocrites!

Look, I don’t get on your case about not wanting to eat meat and I expect you to lay the hell off my case for choosing to eat any kind of meat I can get my hands on, but let’s not beat around the bush here. You guys are splitting hairs with this bullshit and you know it. If you were truly committed to saving the animals, you’d stop making your food look like the cooked remains of your furry little friends.

by Jon Novin | Residential Life Magazine 


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