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Killer Cops

Some douche just got himself offed by the police. I guess he had a death wish, and decided to go the ‘suicide by cop’ route. What a piece of trash.

The news says he sent threatening text messages to his girlfriend. Cops tracked the cell phone and found him standing next to his motorcycle off some highway. Dick.

I guess he told officers to stay back, and said he had a gun. Then he fired into the air. Eventually, the little prick stormed the cops, and when he wouldn’t stop like he was told, they shot that SOB dead. I hope those guys get a goddam medal for a job well done.

Now, the cops that shot are on “administrative leave,” and there’s this huge investigation pending. Guess who’s gonna be footing the bill for that? Taxpayers like you and me, that’s who!

I’m sick of these asswipes wasting tax dollars and officers’ time. Then everyone gets on the cops’ case. It’s horseshit!

I wish these goddam losers would just have the nuts to blast themselves alone inside their apartments, instead of having to make every situation some huge confrontation.

There’s way too much going on today for police to have to waste their time on POS thugs like this guy. I hope he rots in hell.

by Abraham “Able Abe” Aenstograafik | Residential Life Magazine


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