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Veiled Compliment

So this (last?) weekend I went to the mall with my friend and her mom. Anyways, while we were having some lunch in the food court, this lady comes up to talk to us. I guess she is friends with Amber’s mom.

So then Amb has to go to the bathroom or something, and I didn’t feel like tagging along, so I’m sitting there eating and this lady says “Your daughter is so beautiful,” which was a really nice thing to say, but then Amb’s mom goes “Thank you so much.” Um… what?!

It’s like, the lady wasn’t saying anything about her, you know? She was talking about Amber. I mean, I guess the mom did have a lot to do with getting Amb here in the first place (hee-hee), but still. It’s not like she knew how things were going to turn out, or did special exercises or whatever to make Amb look the way she does.

I know for a fact that Amber spends a lot of time getting ready, and making sure she looks good. Her mom isn’t there in the bathroom with her every morning, is she?! And if she is, that’s just gross. lol 😉

The point is, she didn’t need to say ‘thank you’ ‘cause it wasn’t a compliment on her. She should have just said something like “Yes, she is,” or “What a nice thing to say,” or anything else. Then she could have told Amb what this woman said, and it would have actually gotten the compliment to the right person.

Actually, that lady should have just said it when Amber was still sitting there! I mean, why keep it a secret, you know? It’s not like she’s in the CIA or something and she’s giving out some kind of top secret information! 🙂

The funniest part is that Amb’s mom didn’t even say a word about it when we are all together later on. Weird, right? I ended up telling her, just because I know she cares about her appearance, and I thought she should know that someone noticed, you know? I don’t get this whole secret thing! Parents are sooo weird sometimes!

So… yeah. If you have something nice to say to someone, why not just say it to their face? It will make them feel good about themselves, and you don’t have to do this whole ‘behind their back’ thing. Oh, and don’t take credit for things you didn’t do. That’s just rude.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


by Chelsea Abrahams | Residential Life Magazine


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