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Dear Suri, My wife has decided to ‘go veg’ this year, as part of her New Year’s resolution to eat healthy and stay fit. The trouble is… she doesn’t like vegetables! It’s so stupid. I want to be supportive and all that, but I just think she’s going to have a real tough time with all of this, and then I’ll have to say “I told you so.” Maybe I should tell her that now and get it over with! Ha! — Steve Sakks | Payson, Arizona

Dear Steve, The decision to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle — whether for ethical or health reasons — is often a difficult one to make. People typically devote a great deal of time and effort toward weighing their options, and determining the rewards and risks of such a choice — the latter of which sometimes includes potential fallout from family and friends.

While advice in this regard can be insightful, it is ultimately a choice we all must make for ourselves. Once the decision has been made, however, it is important that the person can depend on loved ones to embrace their cause and support them, rather than belittle their choices or “wait for them to fail.” I wish you and your wife the best of luck in your endeavors, for this year and beyond. ~Suri

Suri Says
by Suri Syrtawnya


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