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Streamer Strategy

If I were to make a business, it would definitely involve streamers.

People buy streamers all the time: for birthdays, weddings, picnics, family events, work functions… whatever! And the best part is, they always forget about them.

You probably already own these.
You probably already own these.

They buy a whole roll of streamers, and then put it in the closet or in some box that eventually goes up into the attic. Then they go out and buy a whole new roll, and only use, what, an eighth of the roll?

With a streamer cartel, you could be sure business would always be booming. Plus you could cut costs by making the streamers really crappy. People are only going to hang them up in a hurry anyway, then throw them out when they’re done. No one saves streamers.

You could still charge the same price, too, and vastly increase your profits overnight! No one will notice. And if even if they do, no one is going to get mad about “bad” streamers. They don’t even have time to check in the closet for their old streamers in the first place, for Pete’s sake!

by Tommy R. Panagopolis | Residential Life Magazine 


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