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Name, Number…

This came from my bff Amber today: why do people give their cell phone numbers when they leave messages? It is totally pointless!

I don’t know of any cell phone that doesn’t list the number when a call comes in. I’m not a phone electrician, or whatever (hee-hee), so I guess I can’t say that every phone has caller ID these days, but I’m pretty sure they all do.

Things have changed a lot from that whole “leave your name, number and a brief message at the beep.” There’s hardly even a ‘beep’ anymore! You just have to wait for that recorded lady to stop talking so you can leave a message.

This is not a cell phone.
This is not a cell phone.

Plus, a lot of phones have a voicemail limit, so you’re only wasting that person’s time and minutes if you are saying stuff that they already know. I’ve deleted messages and just called the person if they are talking about a bunch of stuff I already know. I just want to find out what the new stuff is, you know?

I’m not mad or anything. I don’t think Amb was even trying to say anything by bringing it up, either. It’s just funny. Well, not like a joke. I guess ‘interesting’ is the right word for this case.

It’s just interesting that people leave their phone numbers and their name and stuff when they don’t need to.

Now I feel bad. 😉 I’m not upset at all! It was just something to be able to write about this week. I think everyone is awesome, and I love getting your calls, so thanks for calling. 🙂


by Chelsea Abrahams | Residential Life Magazine 


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