Think About It

The soda man was here today, and he must be very trusting, because I noticed he walked out to his truck and left the vending machine door wide open! This might have been a mistake, or he might have had a co-worker watching, or a security camera… who knows?

Of course, I would never even dream of stealing something, and I’d like to think no one else here would, either. That’s why I (and another fellow) just waited for the guy to come back and finish stocking the machine, so we could buy our sodas for the day.

Nothing in here is worth your job.
Nothing in here is worth your job.

But it got me to thinking of what would happen if someone did walk by and decide to pull a “five-finger discount.” Believe me, with the way this guy was parked outside, it would have been entirely possible to stage the ‘perfect crime’ without him knowing (unless he had a camera or something, as stated earlier).

In situations like this, you have to do a quick ‘cost-benefit analysis.’ For me, the cost of stealing — even if you don’t get caught — outweighs any benefit you might get. I will admit that, as a youth, I stole some candy from a store, and once took a cassette tape from my friend’s room. The tape I gave back (and got a punch in the mouth as a reward!), and the candy I never told anyone about, so got off ‘scot-free,’ except for a guilty conscience that remains to this day. My lesson has been sufficiently learned.

The point is, that kind of stuff is never worth it. If someone had walked by and swiped a drink, I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell someone about it. I wouldn’t even worry about being a ‘tattle-tale.’ They would most probably get fired, and that would start a domino effect in their lives.

So, for the price of a 75-cent can of pop, they would face months (maybe years!) of turmoil (at their own hand, of course). And with the tight job market and sluggish economy today, who wants to hire someone with such poor judgment?! This person would have set themselves up for failure, and they would have to live with their misguided actions for the rest of their lives.

I’m not on some “morals” soapbox here, don’t get me wrong. I am not perfect. Never claimed to be. I just thought it was an interesting concept how any decision, even one so seemingly insignificant as a soft drink, has the potential to become an life-altering event. Makes you think.

by Hector “Stevie” Sambulogento | Residential Life Magazine 


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