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What a Girl Wants

I’m tired of seeing these “what women want/feel/etc.” articles. You’re going to lump all women together? Really? Every female on the entire planet, without taking into account her background, upbringing, personal feelings and convictions, etc.? It doesn’t make any sense!

Generalizations are never accurate. There is always an exception to the rule. Now, if you’re talking about relatively ‘safe’ topics, then that’s fine. Say you make a generalization that “people don’t like to get mugged.” You might find a few people who actually, for whatever reason, enjoy it, but it’s pretty safe to say that a statement like that probably rings true for most people. But when you say “women like…” or “women are attracted to…” or whatever else… you are way off! You are going into territory of which you have no concept.

You have no idea.
You have no idea.

That’s the other thing. A lot of the “every woman” articles I’ve read are actually written by a man, or an 18-year-old girl right of high school. I’m not trying to diss either category. Well, the man thing, maybe. Men don’t know about how women ‘feel,’ and should never be taken as an authority on the subject. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, if you were raised by all women, whatever. You don’t know. This isn’t man-hating, it’s just a fact. It’s the same reason why women shouldn’t write about “what a guy wants.”

I also don’t have anything against young women. But there is something to be said for experience. I am not the same person I was when I was a teenager. This might make me sound old, but you do learn as you age and encounter different situations.

That’s what I mean. For each “this is exactly what women want/feel/do” article, there are dozens of us who don’t feel that way at all!

It’s time to stop the generalizations. They only do harm and cause confusion. If you really need a ‘guide’ on how someone feels about certain things, why not just talk to them?! Put down the magazines and start to get to know them for them, not some inaccurate suggestion of an author that probably doesn’t have a clue in the first place.

by Angelina Estevante | Love & Relationships | Residential Life Magazine 


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