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Socially Awkward

Whether or not employers “should” ask you about your online activity, they do, and they’ll continue to do it. It’s perfectly legal, and it’s not going away anytime soon, so you’d better get used to it, and quit complaining.

Big Brother is watching you *right now!*
Big Brother is watching you *right now!*

Now, most places don’t give a damn about what you do outside of work, as long as it’s not illegal. Even then, a lot of places only care if there’s a chance that it’ll get back to them. If you’re a pedophile teacher, for instance, that’s going to be a problem. If you’re a drug-dealing ATF agent, you might soon be looking for other work.

The thing about online stuff, though, is that it’s not really “behind closed doors.” You knowingly post stuff for people to be able to read, and it’s out there, and it will be out there forever. If you’re using any of the ‘big ones’ (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), even if you delete it off your page, it will still be searchable. Isn’t that right, Enid?! [Enid Ahylhienatta, Technology Consultant]

Some people like to make their stuff real private, but then you are sort of defeating the purpose of “social networking,” right? What’s the point of having material that only you (or a handful of people) can read?

So, if you choose to be posting random things, you’d better make sure they won’t get you in deep with the boss. If you don’t like it, don’t post things. That’s the way it is. Plain and simple. Don’t go bitching about it. You can’t change it. So deal with it!

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza | Residential Life Magazine 


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