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Credit Where Credit is Due

Prior to the birth of our first child, people would often ask my husband when he was having the baby. Excuse me?! His part was done nine months ago. He has nothing else left to do. I even drove myself to the hospital when my water broke!

I love my husband. He’s a wonderful, compassionate man who works hard and provides for his kids. This is in no way a negative reflection on him. It’s also not to suggest that men are only sperm donors. Instead, I suppose I’m fed up with the way most people view pregnancy.

Even married couples often refer to it as “our” pregnancy. They’ll say things like “we’re” having a baby. I’ll tell you right now, honey, he might be there holding your hand, but it won’t be a ‘shared experience!’

Women are the ones who have to endure the pain. We’re the ones who have to deal with the hormone rollercoaster. We’re the ones who spend months trying to get back to our “pre-baby” figure, even though we know we’ll never quite be able to.

So, let’s not take the limelight away from soon-to-be mothers. I don’t mean you can’t offer congratulations and a hearty handshake to the new dads, maybe even a cigar or two. But don’t forget that the heavy lifting was done by her. It wasn’t “our” labor, after all.

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza | Residential Life Magazine 


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