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Follow the Directions

Like many people, we have to pay for parking at work. In our case, it’s only about $1.25 a week, and it comes out of our paychecks at the end of the month. The plus is that we can park there anytime, and since the office is close to some family attractions, it’s convenient to be able to just park and take advantage of the sights.

We have to put a decal on our cars, so security knows we actually work there. They don’t even care if it’s a weekend and you’re there, they just want to see the sticker.

Passive-aggressive or just plain dumb?
Passive-aggressive or just plain dumb?

The rule is that the sticker has to go on the back window, on the driver’s side. I think that’s so security can do a ‘quick sweep’ and not have to search for the sticker on people’s cars. But so many people can’t seem to grasp that simple instruction!

I see stickers on the bumper, the license plate, the front windshield. They’re centered, on the left, half-way on, folder over, etc. These people either can’t follow simple directions, or are just rebelling.  And I see the same thing happening all over the place!

Today on the walking path, I saw some guy speed past on his bicycle, completely ignoring the “No Bikes or Skateboards” sign. What a rook!

Nothing I say or do will change these people, of course. I just think it’s interesting how people will blatantly ignore a rule, even if the instructions were made very clear, and even if there’s a sign right in front of their face telling them not to do exactly what they’re doing.

by Hector “Stevie” Sambulogento | Residential Life Magazine 


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