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Damn Whippersnappers

This is an election year in many parts of the country (mid-term), which means the crazies are coming out of the woodwork.

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Not quite yet.

Among those in my area is a young woman all of 22 who thinks she has what it takes to be our next State Senator. And she has the moxie to beg voters not to discriminate because of her age!

As a female who is heavily involved in local politics, I applaud and typically stand with young women who strive for public office. But this gal is just too young.

At 22, she’s been eligible to vote in just two elections — only one of them presidential. Even if she’s been “interested in public office from a young age” (as she is quick to assert at every opportunity), her political viewpoints are, at best, merely a mirror of her parents’ ideals.

It’s true that we are all influenced to an extent by our parents, friends, loved ones, but likely not to the extent of this young lady, in this situation.

And contrary to certain people’s opinions, I am not guilty of ‘ageism,’ or otherwise discounting this youth based on her appearance, demeanor, or any other prejudice I’ve been accused of.

I would be happy to see her strive for city council, even a run for Mayor. But at this time, she is simply not prepared or qualified for politics on a Federal level.

The State Senate is not some frat party, nor should it be a training ground for freshman lawmaker hopefuls.

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza | Residential Life Magazine


2 thoughts on “Damn Whippersnappers”

  1. I would argue that the current Senate and House are behaving quite a bit like a “frat party.” And why should she have to waste time ‘paying dues’ if her heart is politics on the state level? Once again, your argument is unsound and hateful.

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