I’ll Never Know What You Find When You Open Up Your Letter Box Tomorrow

I’m so sick and tired of Hollywood constantly coming out with these “letterbox” movies. And then they don’t even have the decency to make it fit the full screen when the DVD comes out!

Look, people are buying TVs with bigger and bigger screens these days, and the last thing they want is for some big-shot exec to slice half their viewing capacity right off the bat! It’s bunk!

Letterbox Movie
No one wants to see this.

Letterbox adds nothing to a storyline or scene. I know the original idea was to convey a certain emotion, or to make something “artsy,” or whatever, but you guys really need to stop it!

The only thing shooting in ‘letterbox’ fashion does is make everyone look fat, while simultaneously angering the movie-going masses.

I’m not going to sit by and take this anymore. I’m a tax-payer, for God’s sake! I have rights!

The next movie I see in ‘letterbox,’ I am going to drive to the studio who produced it and give those responsible an ass-beating they’ll never forget. Maybe then they’ll learn, once and for all, to put an end to this horsecrap! I am losing it here!!

by Jon Novin | Opinion Editor | Residential Life Magazine

You can read more of Novin’s thoughts on his blog, Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin.


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