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Defensive Living

As I left my home this morning and headed to my car for the short drive to work, I noticed my neighbor had the hood of her van open. She was afraid of being late to work, and needed a jump start. I declined doing her this favor.

thug with knife
Don’t be a victim.

It’s not that I’m a bad person, or have some sort of vendetta against her. In fact, I just didn’t want to risk getting shot or stabbed — either by her or by another neighbor who saw an opportunity and decided to make some trouble.

Believe me, I fully realize this sad state of affairs. It is a shame in society that people are so worried about being murdered by one of the many crazed maniacs out there today, that they are unwilling or otherwise unable to offer any assistance.

While I’d like to believe that if I found someone lying face down at the bottom of the subway stairs I would try to help, the reality is that I would likely pass them by. Of course, I would call the police, but I would let them deal with the situation. I don’t need to be crouched down by someone who could be feigning an injury, so their buddy can assault and rob me.

I care about people, I do. But I also care about returning home to my family. You might call that mentality being “heartless,” but in the unstable world we live in, I call it being real.

by D. HennigResidential Life Magazine 


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