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Sugar Alternative

by Jon Novin

I’m tired of people crapping (no pun intended) on xylitol just because it has a ‘mild laxative effect.’ So do cherries and other fruits! No one is complaining about that, or demanding the FDA do some exhaustive study on a got-dang apple!

Look, anything is bad for you in large quantities. Even water. And as far as the do-nothing FDA goes, they only ‘approve’ things that will directly benefit them. Maybe the xylitol folks got sick of handing cash under the table to these dumb-asses!

The fact is, xylitol is a naturally-occurring substance that is cheaper and lower in calories than sugar. That’s the bottom line! Those are the facts!

And anyone who wants to argue with the facts can go to hell.

Unhealthy Additive

by Paula Postolpokij

I, regrettably, don’t have control over the titles of articles here. I wouldn’t call xylitol ‘unhealthy,’ just maybe not the best choice for health-conscious people.

Following the facts (Jon!), xylitol’s ‘mild laxative effect’ is never explained in packaging, online, or anywhere else. Why is this? Remember olestra (marketed as Olean)? That was also supposed to be healthy, but products containing the additive were quickly pulled from the shelves ‘cause they were making people sick.

Next, xylitol is “approved for human consumption” by the FDA. There are other claims from those peddling xylitol, however, that the FDA won’t approve, because there is a lack of sufficient data to back them up. Also, the agency doesn’t stand to ‘gain’ monetarily from any product. This is a nasty rumor that has no basis in truth.

Writers should get their facts straight before spreading lies and hearsay.

Keepin’ It Real

by Stavros “Stolli” Capleton

People are always searching for an ‘alternative’ to things, when really they should just take everything in moderation… including moderation!

Sugar is a natural substance, as well. So is maple syrup. I would take either of these any day over xylitol, Sweet n’ Low, Splenda, Truvia, or any artificial sweetener.

If you’re experiencing guilt from having the real thing that pushes you to seek a ‘healthy’ alternative, maybe you shouldn’t be having that thing in the first place!

I’m not trying to judge you here. What I mean to say is, if you’re craving spaghetti from your favorite restaurant, go out and get some! Don’t buy some TV dinner with fake cheese and ‘modified starch,’ just to save a few calories! It won’t do anything to curb your craving. Instead, get the real thing, enjoy it, and cut back the next day.

All this xylitol, diet soda, reduced fat nonsense is for the birds.


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