Battle of Will

I have mellowed a lot in my “old age,” but I can still channel the uptight asswipe from back in the day.

Toilet Seat
Don’t even think about it.

I recently changed toilet seats (TMI), and since the old one was plastic, I left it out for recycling. The first week, they took everything but the seat. So I “disguised” it in a plastic bag, and once left it out this week. Again, everything was taken but the seat. Now it’s on!

I have wrapped the seat in tons of newspaper, which I plan to “camouflage” with a bunch of other newspaper and recyclables. Can you say passive-aggressive?

If they actually have the time to sift through my stuff on site and leave the seat next week, I’ll have to apply for a job there. Sounds like a pretty laid-back gig. Wish me luck.

by Tobias Martone III | Residential Life Magazine


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