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Same Ol’, Same Ol’

Each morning, I get out of bed on the same side, get ready for the day the same way, drive to work the same route, and even turn on the lights in my office in the same order. It’s not an obsessive thing, just the way I’ve become used to starting the day.

I had a boss once who went on a (unsolicited) rant about how people are “creatures of habit.” They park in the same spot at work, eat at the same time each day, take bathroom breaks ‘right on schedule.’ She said most people “are like sheep,” and suggested they do things without thought or reason. I am thrilled to no longer be under the direction of this maniac.

I like routine. I prefer to follow an agenda. I’m not a “blind sheep,” or “stuck in my ways,” but, rather, accustomed to a method of living that works for me. Does that mean I can’t change things up if necessary? Certainly not. My ‘to-do’ list can always be altered to accommodate other tasks; my schedule can always be modified, depending on what’s happening at the time.

But sometimes ‘habit’ is a good thing. Structure contributes to the ‘smooth operation’ of our daily lives. I can’t imagine choosing to live in a chaotic jumble, with no rhyme or reason to anything. It would drive me, well… crazy.

by Paymon West | Editor | Residential Life Magazine


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