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The Greatest Story Ever Flubbed?

While getting coffee downstairs, I overheard two co-workers chatting about that History Channel mini-series, The Bible, which is now being re-run around the holidays.

One fellow was getting heated, citing how inaccurate it is to the sacred text. To be honest, I’ve only watched a few minutes of the program. I found it much too violent for my taste, and switched to another show. So, I can’t speak to his concerns (not like they were asking me to join in the conversation, anyway!).

Just then, another person did join in, asking “With all the translations today, how can we tell which is the ‘actual’ text?!” Sensing a potentially sensitive interlude, I chose to take my coffee break upstairs today!

But I think the point is valid. The show’s creators vowed to create a presentation that would be ‘as true to the Bible as possible.’ Who’s to say how ‘true’ or ‘false’ it is?

I may give the series another chance. I’m interested to know what faith leaders have to say about it. At the very least, it should make for many more interesting conversations around the water cooler (or coffee machine)!

by Federico LaDuenza | Residential Life Magazine


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