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More Guns, Less Problems?

Our local sheriff’s department is at it again: offering shoes in return for guns. The “Kicks for Guns” program has become popular across the country. People bring in their weapons, and get a new pair of shoes. The cops say it’s a ‘no questions asked’ opportunity, that people won’t get arrested or otherwise in trouble for possession of the guns. More on that later.

The program is often scheduled just before back-to-school time, so students (and, I suppose, families, too) can get at least a bit of relief from the typically expensive process (notebooks, backpack, etc.) of preparing for a new school year. Some parents have even said it’s ‘like getting something for nothing.’ Yeah, nothing except security!

Vulnerable Situation

Look, criminals aren’t involved with these programs. They don’t want a damn thing to do with them. So, when you surrender your weapon to the police, you may as well call up the neighborhood thugs and tell them to rob you that night. “I no longer have a means of protection. Come assault me!”

When (and, believe me, it’s a question of when, not if) these punks finally decide you’d make a good, defenseless target, what are you going to do? Throw a shoe at them?! By participating in this police stunt, you are volunteering to be a victim.

Next, I don’t buy this idea of ‘no questions asked.’ If a convicted felon walks up to the booth asking for a free pair of ‘kicks,’ you know he’ll be put in jail so fast, it’ll make his head spin!

Also, I fail to believe that the program just hands you shoes when you hand them guns. There has to be some sort of documentation process. Documentation means you are in the system, and on the radar. Not just from cops, but from crooks, as well! Don’t think no one is noticing how many weapons you handed over, or how many times you’ve showed up to the program. Sooner or later, someone is going to bring the hammer down on you harder than you ever thought possible.

Time for Change

The comedian Chris Rock did a now famous stand-up bit about guns, where he said (I paraphrase) that bullets should be so expensive, people would think twice before shooting each other.

We don’t need ‘expensive bullets’ or any type of regulation. In fact, we need even moreguns, more weapons in the hands of law-abiding citizens. I want everyone to have at least some sort of weapon (gun, knife, pepper spray,Taser) at the ready at all times. It’s not about fear, it’s about preparedness. We need to be better armed than the ‘bad guys.’

Next, we need to get rid of ‘concealed carry’ laws. Think about it, if everyone walked around, wearing their weapons in plain sight, who is going to mess with them? If I’m some kind of misfit with mischief on my mind, and I see a dude who has two guns, maybe a couple of knives and a Taser strapped to his belt, I’m going to leave that dude alone. I’ll try to find someone else to victimize. But that’s just it, when everyone is armed to the hilt, these punks will be out of luck!

It’s time to teach criminals a hard lesson: that the free ride is over. It’s time to take our power back, by any means necessary.

by Selenium Washe | Law & Regulation | Residential Life Magazine


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