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Get Over It

Though my work team performs a sort of internal customer service (work requests from co-workers), there is a saying that “we are not order takers.”

Instead, our team supervisor has charged us with assessing each situation presented, and then working with the customer (co-worker) to arrive at a sort of compromise. We are told to deliver most of what the customer has requested, while still remaining true to industry standards and best practices. Like Enid, I really hate those phrases.

The problem is, most of the people on my team talk about our customers (behind closed doors, of course) like they’re stupid, or that they just don’t understand what our occasional reservations are, because they don’t know the system well enough.

While it’s true that customers may not know all the inner workings of the department and the reasons behind some of our processes, the same can be said for our knowledge of other departments. That is the whole point of hiring people with expertise in different fields!

Getting to know you.
Getting to know you.

I get that sometimes the customer is not right. But that doesn’t mean we should just ignore what they are asking, or discard it as some sort of psychotic ranting.

You could say any number of clichés here: glass houses, mile in their shoes, and on and on. The point is, just because you might think you know all there is to know about a certain subject, it doesn’t mean you do. Furthermore, even if you are a so-called “expert” in your field, everyone can learn new things. Even my eight-year-old teaches me something new from time to time!

It’s high time to end the contempt for others and finally work as a greater team/company. Let’s ditch this “us against them” mentality. It’s bad for team dynamics, it’s bad for company morale, and, ultimately, it’s just bad for business.

by Pietro “Petey” von Tweety | Residential Life Magazine


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