Maddened by the Mail

I just recycled a box full of political mailers. So far, during this ‘election season,’ I’ve just been throwing them in a drawer. But it got me to thinking of what a pointless waste they are.

Not only do these mailers waste paper and create toxic runoff from the ink and shiny polish they feature, there is little indication that they actually influence anyone’s vote one way or the other!

In my case, I don’t even look at them. I couldn’t tell you what candidate was being ‘sold.’ Even if I did look at them, I make my political decisions based on researching the facts and investigating the candidate’s character – not by some mud-slinging junk mail.

Save the earth - Keep the junk mail
Save the earth – Stop the junk mail

My friend says not only is she not swayed by the mailers either, but she actually gets peeved at the candidates who are featured in the ads, sometimes so much so that she actually doesn’t vote for them. I think that might be going a bit too far, but I also didn’t get a look at the amount of spam mailers she got a few months ago.

Essentially, this is like having a pretty good first date, but then the person keeps calling and texting you, and otherwise being generally clingy. It puts you off wanting to ever see them again!

Politicians would gain more than votes if they were to all go green. Not only would it show a true commitment to the environment (instead of just pandering to the people), but it would prevent the massive upswing in trash generated every election season. Enough is enough!

by Isis Yaestorlia | Environment | Residential Life Magazine


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