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Hard to Make a Livin’

News Summary

San Francisco recently became the first U.S. city to mandate fully-paid parental leave. New parents will now receive 100% of their wages during a six-week leave period, and get guaranteed return to their jobs.


Look, I’m all for personal leave time. I get it. Bonding with the baby, etc. Makes sense. But to force employers to not only give a free vacation… but then have to pay for it, too? Absurd! First $15-an-hour minimum wage and now this?! The State of California is clearly anti-small business.

And what about those who choose not to have kids? Contrary to what some believe, family life is not a command performance. Where’s the bankrolled vacation for childless workers? What about new pet owners? Who’s gonna take care of my puppy when I’m “workin’ for the man every night and day?” Where’s my free vacation?! Puppy-owner bonding is important, too! I’m so tired of this horseshit.

This law is a double-whammy against employers who now have to figure out a way to keep their companies running, while throwing money out the door so some lazy-ass workers can sit around and live the high life… on their dime. It means the workers that are left behind will be forced to shoulder more responsibilities with no extra pay, and consumers will face higher prices to make up the difference. I’m sorry, but your snot-nosed brat just isn’t worth it.

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin | Residential Life Magazine


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