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All this talk about kids getting felt up in bathrooms if we let the trannies pick which one they want to use is getting too much! I’m not saying I’m for the move, mind you. But it really makes no difference to pervs and child molesters. They’ve never cared about the law before, so why start now?!

Same Ol’, Same Ol’

A buddy of mine just got out of prison for sexually assaulting some kid in a park a few years ago. He hasn’t been ‘rehabilitated’ one bit. In fact, he openly admitted that, while he’d take full advantage of any new law that might pass, it’s not a ‘make or break’ for him. His exact words:

“I’ll f*** the shit out of your kids in their own bathroom, a private bathroom, behind a restaurant, whatever. It really don’t matter to me.”

Shocking, sure, but the guy’s served his time, and unless he violates his probation or feels up another kid, you can’t stop him for saying or thinking what he wants.

Do the Right Thing

All Gender Restroom: Anyone can use this restroom regardless of gender identity or expressionTo me, the bottom line is that parents need to be parents. They need to watch their kids and communicate with them. Make it clear to your children that they can tell you anything, even it turns out to be nothing, without being subject to punishment or ridicule.

When I was a little kid, I used to have to go into the restroom with an adult.
If that was my mom, then I’d be in the ladies room. If it was my dad, I’d be in the men’s room. As I got a little older, my folks would wait outside the bathroom for me – in a mall or what have you. Just like this guy says, any new law isn’t really going to change the way things have always been. So the people who are feigning angst and pretending they’re appalled need to get a life.

by Cuesta Benito
Residential Life Magazine


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