Work and Occupation

Get Off Your Fat Asses and Do Something!

I’m so tired of all this $15-an-hour horseshit. Enough! Here’s what’s going to happen if the rest of country goes the way of California (and what they’ll soon discover):

  • there will be massive layoffs, as employers won’t be able to shoulder the increased salaries
  • all costs associated with paying the few remaining employees will be passed on to the customer
  • people won’t accept the higher prices and will simply stop patronizing those establishments, which will bring decreased profits – prompting even more layoffs
  • the price of everything will go up, putting minimum wage workers right back where they started

Learning Lessons

Fast food worker making a hamburger
This is not a career

The whole point to begin with was for these people to have a living wage. Believe me, I don’t want to see anyone have to decide which bill to skip out on this month ‘cause they can’t pay all their bills, or which kid has to skip a meal, ‘cause not everyone can eat three squares every day.

But there is also a valid argument in that minimum wage jobs were never meant to be careers. If you want to better yourself and your family’s future, get out there and get a certificate, or some more training, or another goddam job! It’s not society’s fault that you are struggling.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

What about the experienced workers that are currently making $15 and hour, plus or minus? These are people with years of training and in some cases even degrees! Are you seriously suggesting that someone with a college degree and five years’ experience is on the same level as the snot-nosed 16-year-old who can barely complete an order accurately (and most of the time doesn’t)? Horseshit.

Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Get a real job
Get a real job

And where in hell do people think all this money’s going to come from? Will it fall from the sky? Will the cash fairy leave it under our pillows whilst we sleep? This is a ludicrous idea, through and through. The maniac California lawmakers should be ashamed at their idiocy.

Rants n’ Raves with Jon Novin
Opinion Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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