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All Hail the King

When George Washington refused to become King of America, he made the biggest mistake in this country’s history. The first President’s second mistake was to refuse a third term, thus setting the stage for a rule that would rarely be broken (aside from FDR and a handful of others). Thanks for nothing, George!

What’s Best for the Country

Before any of you send in angry letters accusing me of being a Communist, fascist, or any other term you don’t fully understand, let me be fully clear: I love democracy. I love America. I want to see her reach her true potential. But this will be impossible under the current system.

We are trapped in an endless ping-pong game of political mediocrity — each President emphatically promising a solution to all the world’s problems, then actually delivering on only a fraction of the ideals he used to coerce our votes.

And all the while politicians whose views stray even a hair’s breadth from those of the leader of the free world do anything in their power to strangle progress.

Stalled Momentum

portrait of george washington
Shoulda known better

Just as it appears these United States are on the brink of real change, a new President with a new agenda enters the fray, and the game is reset back to zero.

It’s time first for longer term limits, and eventually for a monarchy similar to the British system. In many ways, the Queen of England has become solely a figurehead — ‘leading’ in the background whilst Parliament makes the day-to-day decisions.

If, however, the Queen got it into her head to, say, outlaw the color green, and declare that anyone caught wearing the hue would be immediately arrested, Parliament would be forced to go along with the decree.

Land of the Free… Sort Of

I’m not calling for an out-and-out dictatorship here. U.S. citizens would still be fully able to petition the government at any time. In this scenario, should the people demand green be reinstated as an acceptable tone, the President would be forced to re-consider.

The do-nothing Congress would still be employed, but the President would be able to override any important decision. And the next President (should the sitting leader die) would not be able to overturn these decisions. Then we would finally be able to cease this endless back-and-forth over controversial policies such as immigration reform, healthcare and more.

I pray for the day that America wakes up to the realities that are currently plaguing her — when she decides to cut out, once and for all, the damaging diseases and finally begins to move forward toward the revered stature she so rightly deserves.

by Che Zelofan
Residential Life Magazine


1 thought on “All Hail the King”

  1. If Obama and his cronies get their way, he’ll be the next three-termer! Representative Jose Serrano (D – NY) is pushing for Congress to approve H.J. Res. 15, which would repeal the Constitutional limitation for Presidential terms. Then all you Dems would get your precious king!

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