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Discount Dipper

The other day I was in the grocery store, and as I was checking out I asked if they needed to scan my discount card. They said ‘no.’ Actually, they said that store doesn’t have a discount card. They said that store has “everyday savings.” I wish they had a discount card.

Always Low Prices

collection of store discount cards
Show me the money

People like the idea of saving. Some people like to actually save, but more people just like the idea they’re saving. That means, even if the other stores are “jacking up their prices,” which is what the manager of the non-discount card store told me, shoppers want to leave the store thinking they saved a ton of money on a ton of things.

I love to look at the bottom of my receipt and see a really great number next to the “You Saved This Much Today” line. I don’t want to see what I “could have saved,” or see nothing at all. It just makes for such a sad rest of the day, knowing that I had the opportunity to save but wasn’t able to, even if it was out of my control.

Show Me the Savings

The other thing is, most of the stores don’t actually “jack up their prices,” like he said. Some of the stuff might be higher, but, I mean, you’re going to go shopping anyway, right? Why not get discounts towards gas, gift cards, or just more coupons to get you to go back to the same store.

I mean, if you shop at the non-discount card stores, you’re getting nothing in the end! And then you have to go out and pay full price for your gas, gift cards, etc.

I just think discount cards are awesome, and I think they’re here to stay. Everyone can deal with it. I’m not trying to cop a ‘tude here, I’m just saying. They are great. And they are useful. And they are here to stay.

I don’t even care if I already wrote that, ‘cause they are. Everyone knows they are.

by Tommy “R” Panagopolis
Residential Life Magazine


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