Politics and Society

Second Opinion

I just don’t get people sometimes. Today I was walking around the park, and this guy drives up, slows down and says “Excuse me.” At first I thought he was some psycho, but it turned out he was just looking for a rental car place.

I didn’t know the rental car place, but I know that the airport is close to the park, so I gave him directions to that area. I told him to turn around, go through the light, and then about a half-mile down there are a bunch of hotels and amenities. He’s all “Thank you, sir!” and then he drives off.

Another Take

Can’t trust it!

Well, as he’s turning around in this parking lot, I can see him stop a security guard and ask him the same thing. It’s like, I’m right here! You asked me not five minutes ago!

So the guard tells him the exact same thing I did, and again he goes “Thank you, sir!” and drives off. I’ll bet he asked a third person, too! I don’t think I look untrustworthy, and I didn’t snicker or laugh when I was giving directions, or give him any reason to believe that I was telling him the wrong thing.

Maybe he’s just one of those nervous people that always need a second opinion. But it’s not like this is a medical procedure, and what do I have to gain from sending him to the wrong place?

I don’t know, it just really irked me, is all. I’ll still give directions to people when they ask, but next time I might make sure no one else is around before I do. Otherwise, they can just ask them.

by Tommy R. Panagopolis
Residential Life Magazine


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