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Anger Management Candidate

Poke Chop

Affectionately known as ‘Poke Chop’ – this (not so) friendly fellow bonded out of jail mere hours after (somehow) burying his construction site supervisor with dirt, and then assaulting him with a level. In fact, Mr. Chop seems to have a bit of an obsession with levels — this being the third time he’s attacked someone with the tool.

In this latest adventure, following a heated discussion, ‘Poke’ (real name: Erick Cox) used a front-end loader to transfer dirt from a nearby pile directly on top of his boss, repeating this process until the supervisor was buried up to the neck. Why the thought never crossed this worker’s mind to simply walk away — given the very slow speed of most construction equipment — is yet unknown.

When cops showed up looking for answers, most workers told them to, in effect, get lost — their exact words unfit for print. One witness, however, offered an account of the incident, saying once the supervisor was secured in place, Poke Chop proceeded to beat him about the head and shoulders with the six-foot aluminum level — all the while “laughin’, hootin’ and hollerin’, and havin’ the time of his life.”

Aside from his un level-headed attacks, our model citizen has also been arrested for domestic violence, felony battery, hit-and-run, and other charges.

News Offbeat
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by Danny Inc  
News Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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