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Choose Wisely

Of all the places a burglar might choose to burgle, police stations aren’t typically high on the list. Cops in Shelburne, Vermont say that’s the not-so-wise choice John Dettor made, when he tried to break into a police station there.

The 59-year-old Washington, D.C. native told police he was looking for a warm place to spend the night. He went on to say that he thought the station was actually a school.

Dettor was promptly transferred to a warm – if perhaps undesirable – facility nearby: the county jail.

News Offbeat
Real Stories from Around the World
by Danny Inc  
News Editor
Residential Life Magazine


1 thought on “Choose Wisely”

  1. This is actually rather sad. I’m not sure you should be making light of it. The man is clearly either homeless or mentally handicapped (or both). The situation is not something to laugh at.

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