Reuse, Reduce… Relax!

The other day at work, as I went to put the box to my microwave dinner in the recycle bin, some guy started on this whole big tirade about how it’s not recyclable. He even had an article with him (kind of weird that he carries it around) talking about all the stuff that doesn’t actually recycle.

I get that you can’t put Styrofoam in there, but I’m pretty sure the box can be recycled. He says it can’t because of the wax they put on it. Since I haven’t done any research (I will now!), I can’t argue whether it’s true or not.

But his article was ridiculous. It said you can’t recycle some pretty basic stuff. Magazines, some newspapers, and even some glass! I got the feeling, though, that this may have been specific to his hometown. Maybe they just don’t have the resources to handle everything.

Make an Effort

Even a kid can do it!

The point is that not everyone recycles, but those who do are usually very dedicated about it. My sister even brings home soda cans/bottles from people at work, so she can put them in her recycling bin at the end of the week!

I don’t think the ‘die-hard’ recyclers are going to be phased too much about a list of ‘dos and don’ts,’ but for the people who are just getting into recycling, or already have a bad attitude toward it, I’m concerned that poorly-researched articles can turn them off from recycling for good!

Just Do It

The benefits of recycling go far beyond simply the items themselves. I actually beefed up my efforts when someone told me that the city often hires homeless people and long-term unemployed folks to help sift through the materials. So it’s creating jobs! So what if they have to throw some things away? The workers are able to make money and feel good about themselves for holding down a job, while doing something positive for the planet.

I think this guy is just a blowhard, anyway. He completely accosted me with this unsolicited ‘advice’ that is almost surely inaccurate. Recycling is still a noble thing to do. It protects the environment and saves companies thousands of dollars each year. That’s a fact. So let’s keep the conspiracy theories and made-up ‘data’ where it belongs… in the trash recycle bin!

by Samaris Nuñez
Residential Life Magazine


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