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Taking Exception to Smoking Rants

This is in response to a recent article I read here and others I’ve read through Gaslamp Publishing bashing smoking bans.

Let me first say that I have done my fair share of smoking in the past. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, and some “other stuff” that I don’t need to mention here. The point is that I’m not some smoking ‘prude,’ and I’m not going to get on a high horse about smoking, or condone all smoking bans. I do want to make a few things clear, however.

Dirty Habit

Yes, there are health issues surrounding smoking, and yes it costs employers a lot more in insurance costs. So does alcohol, so does overeating. I’ll give you that. But there are also things that smoking does that aren’t as apparent with the other things.

One cigarette, two cigarettes, three cigarettes...
Get it together

How many alcohol bottles do you really see lying around in one day? Unless you work on a construction site where people are allowed to drink all day, you probably don’t see many, if any. But you see cigarette butts all the time! The worst is seeing them at the beach! I hate that.

Then you get the smoke itself. There’s nothing like walking out of store and getting slapped in the face with some second-hand smoke. It drifts for a while, too. You can have someone a block up who just exhaled, and you get ‘rewarded’ with a lung full of carcinogens. It’s ridiculous!

Plus, what company wants the image of having a bunch of smoking people standing around? That’s not to say anything about all the breaks these people need to take. I’m not addicted to nicotine, so why do I get punished while the smokers get to go outside every five minutes?! Maybe I want to see the sun or just take in some actual “fresh air.”

Keep It to Yourself

So I think it’s great that people have to find a way to smoke on their own time. And if they feel like they’re being ‘forced to quit,’ well, maybe that’s a good thing. In fact, more companies should take an overall ‘fitness’ approach to things, and help people lose weight and get off alcohol and drug addictions, too.

People need to keep their mouths shut about this. Just be glad you have a job in the first place. There’s a lot of people who live on the street, who can smoke anytime they want, but would give it all up for just one day of your lifestyle.

by Elisabeth Elston
Residential Life Magazine


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