Health and Wellness

Tipping the Scales

I’ve been fat for about five years. Okay. I get that. And with the help of Raul Lisneski (Residential Life Magazine Health & Fitness Editor) I’m also finally doing something about it: namely, exercising and eating right.

But today some guy was going on about how he couldn’t seem to gain weight! I guess he had suffered an injury a couple months ago, and he lost 30 pounds. He said he’d gained five of it back, but was now struggling with the rest.

Good Problem to Have

Struggling?! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I can gain 30 pounds in a long weekend! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I can definitely put on at least seven. I’ve done it before!

Last Christmas it just worked out that we got six days off in a row, and that was back when I didn’t care, so I ate so much! I came back to work almost 10 pounds heavier!

The point is, wouldn’t it be great if we could ‘transfer’ weight to each other? And if you didn’t know someone who needed or wanted the weight, you could just sort of ‘exchange’ it for something else. Kind of like those rewards points programs. You could either use the points to splurge on a pizza or something, or put them toward a gym membership or gift card!

I know this isn’t possible and never will be, so no one has to write me letters this time. I’m just saying it would be neat, is all.

by Tommy R. Panagopolis
Residential Life Magazine


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