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What Might Have Been

When I lost my “professional” job, I started applying everywhere. I was in dire need of work and — more specifically — money to pay the bills. This is not a foreign concept to anyone, of course. So I interviewed for jobs at grocery stores, movie theaters — really competing with the teenagers for whatever funds and hours I could hope to get.

The quest finally brought me to the local gas station. I was certainly not too proud to be asking for that job, which I eventually got. The thing is, I never actually worked there! The hiring manager kept putting off my training, until it became clear that I wouldn’t be donning the uniform there any time soon. I’m now in a job I love, making enough money to cover my expenses and even have some left over “for a rainy day.” So why is this episode still on my mind?!

The Unknown

It’s going to be okay

I’ve yet to meet someone who actually enjoys rejection. Instead, most of us are forced to accept it throughout our lives, and find alternative means to reach the end we have in mind. Usually, however, rejection comes with a reason — even if it’s a vague and/or lame one.

Companies will tell you that “your skills don’t match our needs at this time.” Potential mates will tell you that “it’s not you, it’s me.” But even if the reasons are unfulfilling, at least there is a reason given!

I certainly don’t have any love lost for the duties I would have been doing at the gas station. However, this situation is like being married to the most perfect partner you could hope for, but still wondering why that one person never called you back for a second date.

You know you’ll never get an answer. You know that even if you did, it wouldn’t make a difference in the great thing you’ve got going right now. But deep down you still just want to know why.

by Angelina Estevante
Love & Relationships
Residential Life Magazine


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