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Just Do It

I used to spend late December feverishly compiling a list of resolutions and planned accomplishments for the coming year. This will be the first year I don’t exercise that practice. It occurs to me that the traditional ‘resolutions’ seem not to be serving their intended purpose.

Always Improving

The idea of formulating a plan toward positive personal development is a commendable one. However, should resolutions be reduced to mere ‘must-do,’ knee-jerk reactions to the close of any given year, it may be better to do away with the practice.

My motivation for this article is certainly not to preach, or teach. Instead, I simply submit the notion that true ‘resolutions’ can and should be made at any time during the year.

Why Wait?

When the time is ripe for positive adjustments and advancements, when the need arises for a new way of conducting our daily tasks, when faced with opportunities and challenges that have the power to promote constructive transformation in our lives, this is the time to institute a variation in our routines.

Change should be goal-oriented — with a concrete end in mind — instead of an open-ended, loosely-fashioned plan, fashioned only out of some sense of obligation.

by Gordon T. Elliott
Residential Life Magazine


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