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Kids’ll be Kids

I’m so tired of these got-dang, hippie-ass tree-huggers forcing people to change everything just to avoid hurting someone’s “feelings.” It’s gotta stop.

Today, I saw some mother actually bargaining with her kid to leave the mall, so they could get home in time for dinner. Kids must’ve been around 10.

When I was that age, I knew a lot better than to pull something like that with my folks. But if I somehow lost my mind and started to act up like that, my mom would’ve thrown me halfway across the mall, and my dad would’ve been on the other end to stomp some respect into my ass with a boot to the gut, boy I’ll tell you what!

Know Your Role

Listen up, you little tramp!

Today, they call that abuse. I call it for what it is, and that’s good parenting. I never wanted for a damn thing growing up, and there was plenty of love to go around. Us kids got treated with the respect we deserved, and we got taught right from wrong.

But we always knew our role, and we always did what we were told. These days, parents treat their kids like they’re business partners, collaborating on a merger decision!

Tough Love

Kids like that brat are got-dang thugs. Plain and simple. And they need to be treated as such. You wanna act like a big man? Stay at the mall all night! Good luck, douche! It only takes one night on the street to teach some punk kid how good he’s got it.

Bottom line is, kids are kids. They’re not friends, not co-workers, not contemporaries. They’re got-dang kids. And the only way they’re gonna learn is when adults start acting like authority figures, and not pushovers.

by Danka Leebon
Residential Life Magazine


1 thought on “Kids’ll be Kids”

  1. I agree with (most of) your sentiments, if not the delivery. Children do best with structure and well-defined rules and expectations. This is the responsibility of parents and adult role models to deliver.

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