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Sorry, Wrong Number

If you don’t have time to talk, then don’t pick up the phone. It’s as simple as that. I’m sorry, but I’m kinda ticked this week.

Ringy, Ringy!

My friend got so mad at me for calling her, and then she went on this huge thing about how busy she is, and how I should have known that. Um, hello?! How am I supposed to know? Also, everyone is busy, so that’s a lame excuse.

But the bigger thing is, why did she even pick up if she was soooo busy?! That’s what voicemail is for!

Anyways, now I guess she doesn’t want to go to the mall this weekend, ‘cause she’s all offended or something. It’s so dumb!

Stay on Task

The only reason I didn’t send her a text or Facebook chat is because I wanted to ask her something and didn’t want it to get lost in the conversation.

You know how when you are texting with someone and then things start going to a different direction, and before long you’ve gone over everything except the thing you wanted to know about in the first place!

Another Time

Sometimes I think that’s funny and cool, but this time I wanted to sort of ‘stay on topic,’ or whatever, and then she pulls this kind of dramatics. So stupid.

The point is, if you’re busy or just don’t want to talk or whatever, just don’t pick up. It’s not like it’s going to hurt my feelings or anything. But when you want to make it some huge issue, it’s just stupid. Totally un-called for and unnecessary.

Sorry for the downer post this week, but I am just shocked. I’ll write a better post next time.

See you later,

by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine


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