Love and Relationships

Delayed Reaction

Pets are curious creatures by nature. Sometimes their curiosity gets them into situations that turn out unpleasant for us. When that happens (and only if I catch them in the act), I’ll correct the behavior (never hit a pet!) and move on. What I don’t do is harp on the issue for the next month, continually expressing my frustration any chance I get. So why do we do that with people?

Going Through the Motions

Years ago, I was in a relationship that I now understand to have been ‘dysfunctional.’ Unfortunately, it took five years for me to figure out what a new friend (who happened to be a psychology major) deciphered in five minutes. It’s all in the past now, of course, but I bring it up here for a reason.

loser-boyfriendWhile (thankfully) not physically abusive, my beau at the time seemed to take a strange pleasure in bringing up old incidents, in an attempt to start an argument, which it almost always did. Some of these ‘transgressions’ had been discussed and resolved years ago. What was the point of once again bringing them to the forefront?!

Just as it wouldn’t make any sense to scold a pet for peeing on the carpet two years ago, or scratching up your couch back in “aught nine,” re-hashing these scenes is petty, unnecessary, and actually harmful to all parties involved.

by Kathleen Lakeland
Residential Life Magazine


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