Spice Struggle

When you get takeout from a restaurant, why do they give you those little salt and pepper packets in the plastic forks, etc.? Does anyone actually use them? Most of the people I know — including myself — bring takeout home, to the office, or someplace else where it’s likely there will be salt and pepper. Also, most restaurant food is already seasoned, so what’s the point?

I’m not mad or anything, just curious. I always throw those packets away, which is a waste, I know. But the one time I started to feel bad and kept them, I had a whole box of those little packets in no time!

Maybe that’s what I’ll do from now on. I’ll just keep the packets, and not actually buy salt or pepper ever again! But I guess if everyone did that, it would turn the salt industry on its ear. Oh, well.

by Tommy R. Panagopolis
Residential Life Magazine


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