Pets and Animals

Pet UN-Friendly

My buddy just refused to come to my BBQ this weekend unless he can bring his mangy-ass dog. I almost told him to stuff it right there in the parking lot! I’m no animal hater, and I’m no neat freak, but I sure as shite ain’t gonna let this got-dang furball shed all over my new couch, slobber all over my floors and hump the leg of everyone there!

It’s Not Sane

Look, you wouldn’t expect to bring a cat or a goat or something to someone’s house, so why does everyone think it’s okay to cart their POS mutts everywhere they go?! It’s not normal.

You gotta draw the line somewhere, and this is where it’s getting drawn. If you wanna take personal offense to the fact that you live five minutes away and can’t be away from your dog for more than an hour, so be it. No one is ‘against you,’ no one is an ‘animal-hating freak.’ You need to get mental help. I mean it.

Anyone else that wants to make an issue out of not being able to bring their pets to this or any other thing I arrange, I’ll tell you right now you can save your whining for someone who gives two shits. I’m over it! I’m done.

by Willa Shaykhs
Residential Life Magazine


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