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Do-nut Mess Around

Baked goods are nothing to joke about. One Indiana man learned that lesson the hard way, when police say his wife stabbed him in the chest for forgetting her favorite donuts.

Michelle Nelson

It all started when 37-year-old Michelle Nelson told her hubby, Timothy, to get some donuts at a store near the couple’s New Albany home. Realizing they didn’t have “the type she normally gets,” good ol’ Tim decided to scrap the donut plan altogether. And that would prove to be a huge mistake.

When he showed up without the sugary goodness, police say Michelle flew into a rage, angry that he “didn’t know what else she liked after being together for several years.” Some words were exchanged, and — like so many other rational couple interactions — the ‘conversation’ soon ended with a grill fork to the chest.

Timothy was treated at a local hospital and released. Michelle was booked into jail on  aggravated battery charges. It’s not clear if they have the donuts she likes there.


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