Happy Shelter

I love compact spaces. I guess I’m like a cat that way. lol 😉

I mean, I don’t like to be smothered or something, or all boxed in. I get kind of claustrophobic sometimes. But I do like to feel warm and safe and protected. This sounds so lame! lol


Nothing to see here

Even in class, I try to find a seat near a wall, or maybe at the back of the room, so I can have my back to the bookcase or something. idk, there’s just something about having that protection, you know?

At night, I have my bed toward a wall, and the other side has my nightstand and other stuff. It’s just sort of all in one place, everything working together to create this kind of little cubby thing.

A Box to Call Home

That’s the other thing, remember kindergarten? It was surrounded by this kind of stuff. Not only did everyone have their own cubby, but even, like, nap time was about being all wrapped up and warm and stuff.

There’s this stall in the bathroom at school that’s near the back wall. This might be tmi, but I always use that one, ‘cause it’s sort of encased on all sides. idk, it’s hard to explain.

I guess the whole point of this would be that cramped spaces are not all that great, but having a sort of personal area that is protected is pretty neat. I don’t know how I’d do in a wide open space or something. I need to have at least one wall nearby, you know? Weird.


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine


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