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The Doctor Will Freak You Now

You won’t believe the quack I saw today. What a got-dang rook!

I’m sitting there — trying to get out of the place so I can write this fug’n article — just watching four hours go by. Then some skank nurse takes my blood pressure three times, and has the nerve to tell me it’s high! I should have punched her square in the mouth right then and there!

Doc Holiday

Then this douchebag walks in, wearing jeans and a shirt unbuttoned nearly halfway down his chest! I could see nips, is alls I’m saying. Turns out this asswipe is supposed to be the doctor! I though the whole thing was a fug’n joke!

After about the fourth time of him calling me “man” and “dude,” I had pretty much had it with that SOB. I almost broke a got-dang mirror over his face! What a dick!

Take Your Meds

I pity the foo’ who comes to this clinic

Finally, this sucko had finished with his little ear and tongue checks, and asks me what’s up. But when I go to explain why I’d wasted my whole got-dang day in that hole, he tears off on some tirade about how some airline ruined his trip to Jamaica. He was dropping ‘f-bombs’ left and right and left again! This guy was so pissed!

Then he goes off about how the Garden of Eden doesn’t exist, and how we’re all gonna be banished to Mars soon. I wanted to get a prescription for the horseshit he was spewing!

At this point, I’m looking around for the cameras and some cocksucker in a suit to tell me I just got ‘punked’ or something! Holy crap!

Turns out this douche was trying to be “cool” or something. He’s lucky I didn’t break his got-dang nose right there! I’d have pushed his head into the filing cabinet! I should have sliced his eyeball with a got-dang scalpel! I’ll beat this hack’s ass right now! I don’t even give two shits!

Okay, now I’m getting heated. What a waste of a day. At least I have something to tell the mofos at the office.

by D. Hennig
Residential Life Magazine


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